Saturday, February 13, 2010

My leg is pins

I've developed this unfortunate habit of not being able to fall back asleep after a night of heavy drinking. I find this to be a more damaging habit than the actual habit of drinking.

But last night was entirely silly. Made some new friends which is something I don't do very often anymore. Played an unbelievably sloppy Blink 182 cover set with two of my favorite people in the world (our stage banter was the most impressive part). And my wiener made an unexpected public appearance.

Today I have the finishing touches to put on one of the all time greatest Valentine's Day presents (or at least a present that was fun to make) and I probably should clean the house. All the garbage that was neatly stacked at the top of the stairs is now strewn all over the house.

But for now I have a hangover to kick before my lady's parents get into town.

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