Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Briefing

Okay, so I'm back to the blogging world. Let's not discuss what happened before because the thing about reading anything you've written over six months ago is that it's usually painful. I have fond memories about many things that I've written. Some of them I've looked over again later on and (without fail) I thought it all sucked. Other things I have never looked back on, I just continue to think that it was awesome. Thinking that it's awesome is always better.

But I digress...

There's no real theme here. Sometimes I'll write about music I like, sometimes I'll write about sports, sometimes I'll write about how delivering sandwiches sucks, and sometime I'll give a detailed analysis as to why, against all odds, Terminator 2 is way better than The Terminator. Really I just miss sharing my thoughts about the things I enjoy. Cool.

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